Post Study Visa

Post Study Visa
The Post-Study Work category of the Tier 1 Visa allows the most talented non-EU nationals, graduating from UK Universities, to apply for a Work Visa or Business Visa. In order to acquire a Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa a sponsor is NOT needed, however, you must fulfil the requirements of the UK Points Based System.

PLEASE NOTE – Due to changes in Immigration legislation this Visa will no longer be available from the 6th April 2012; the information on this page will be updated once information is available.
You will need to prove you have sufficient English language skills in one of the following ways:

You are from a country where English is the main language. immigration lawyers will help in this situation
You have successfully completed a Master’s degree course which was taught in English.
You have passed an English language test that is equal to level C1 of the council of Europe’s Common European Framework for Language learning.
The points criteria for a Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa are divided into four specific areas and all of these areas must be satisfied to qualify.

The following points rewarded for a Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa are as follow:

Qualification = 20 points:

You will need to have successfully completed a course resulting in either:

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A recognised UK Bachelor’s Degree.
A recognised UK Postgraduate Level Degree.
A UK Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate.
An HND qualification from a recognised Scottish institution.
Institution = 20 points:

The educational institution must be either:

A recognised or listed UK institution
Included on the Tier 4 sponsors register
Immigration status in the UK during period of study = 20 points:

The qualification must have been obtained by the candidate whilst in the UK with one of the following UK immigration status options:

In possession of a Tier 4 Student Visa.
As a dependent of another main applicant in the UK.
Date of award Qualification = 15 points:

You can claim 15 points if your qualification was obtained within 12 months immediately before your application for entry clearance under the Tier 1 Post-Study Work category.

The Tier 1 Post-Study Work Visa is solely to allow talented graduates to gain work experience, therefore, it is only issued for two years and an extension will not be possible.
The two year duration in the UK does not count towards the residency requirements for gaining settled status in the UK.